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Virtual Run Tips

  • Make a plan

    • Print out a starter training plan to keep your training on track

      • 5K​ - Training Plan

      • 10K - Training Plan

      • Half - Training Plan

    • Use a familiar running route or a popular route near you

    • Look up routes on

    • Make sure bathrooms are along the route

    • Let others know when and where you are running for safety

    • Use this nutrition guide to help fuel you

  • Make it fun and invite others to support you

    • Find a few running friends to do join you on your virtual race day

    • Run in a small group 

    • Plan a post race party and reward 

  • Hydrate and fuel along the way

    • Have family and friends set up a water stop and cheer zone for you

    • Carry a water bottle & fuel with you.  You may not find access to additional water on the course

  • Track your run

    • Use GPS to track your distance

    • You can also use your phone and download the Run Keeper app here:

  • Share a pic

    • Post on facebook or Instagram with the #MNRunSeries show off your finisher medal and Yukon shirt

  • Run safe

    • Don’t run if you have a high temperature or feel sick

    • Wear reflective gear if on the roads or running in the evening

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